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The Thermo-Photovoltaic Generation System is a mixed system that uses Solar Energy for both direct heating and Electricity Production. It is based on a solar panel with concentration and fotovoltaic cells that produce much higher amount of electricity than convencional solar panels.

Heat is collected from the Panel also and driven to the proper Heating System. Both electricity and Heat are managed by the system at once, having separate circuits inside.

Electric Batteries and Water Tank are used to store and then use the generated energy.

Structure is modular and escalable, therefore, as many panels would be installed as much energy (both Heat and Electricity) is being generated.

The minimum system configuration is with 4 panels for home applications.

A management system is developed to full control the system, taking decisions based on captured data: wind, temperatures, comsumption,...

Thermo-Photovoltaic Generation

System Characteristics are as follows:

  • Modular System (Modular Panels could be added to the system)
  • Sun Tracking in one axis
  • Night Blocking Control
  • Adverse Environmental Conditions (Wind)
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Comunication Network linking all devices. Standalone system
  • PC control addicional feature for maintenance processes
  • Low Cost
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